Welcome to LINETS

Working with public sector organisations across Scotland

LINETS aims to provide online legal research materials to all government, agency and public sector personnel in a highly cost effective and efficient manner.

Using bulk buying power, LINETS provides access to a range of legal services that would otherwise be unaffordable to the public sector.

Members benefit from access to a variety of online legal databases and digitised publications via a single portal, including access to:

  • UK Legislation
  • Consolidated Scottish Legislation
  • Session Cases
  • Scottish Family Law
  • Harvey's Employment Law
  • Scottish Criminal Case Reports
  • Scottish Civil Law Reports
  • Encyclopaedia of Road Traffic Law
  • Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia

If you are interested in becoming a member of LINETS, please contact the team directly for more information or to arrange a free trial.

N.B. This service is restricted to the Scottish Public Sector.

Resources provided by:

Westlaw UK
Lexis Nexis
Hein Online
Justis One