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Working with public sector organisations across Scotland

LINETS (Legal Information Network for Scotland) was initiated in December 1998 by the Integration of Scottish Criminal Justice Information Systems (ISCJIS) Programme Board, and following a pilot, launched 31 March 2001. Since its inception we have grown steadily and now provide legal information to over 1,300 Scottish legal practitioners across the public sector including local authorities, government departments and agencies.

LINETS aims to provide online legal research materials to all government, agency and public sector personnel in a highly cost effective and efficient manner. Using bulk buying power, LINETS is able to provide a range of legal services that would otherwise be unaffordable to the public sector. Members benefit from access to a variety of online legal databases via a single portal, including access to:

  • UK Legislation
  • Consolidated Scottish Legislation
  • Session Cases
  • Scottish Family Law
  • Harvey's Employment Law
  • Scottish Criminal Case Reports
  • Scottish Civil Law Reports
  • Encyclopaedia of Road Traffic Law
  • Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia

If you are interested in becoming a member of LINETS, please contact the team directly for more information, or arrange a two week free trial.


T: 01259 726605

Note: Service is restricted to Public Sector in Scotland.


Resources provided by:

Hein Online
Lexis Nexis
Westlaw UK